Junk Car Masters w/o titles

Junk Car Guys w/o titles

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Junk Car Guys w/o Titles and we were established in 2008. We saw a need for a service that could rid consumers of there broken down junk cars that they would have no use for anymore. We built our company on integrity with the aim to buying unwanted junk cars in the state of Georgia. We wanted to afford everyday people with a reliable source for removing inoperable cars that cost to much to fix and would otherwise just sit where it broke down at for months or even years in some cases. But with new technology like google in the palm of your hands for potential customers it becomes really easy to do a search for junk car buyers and have that eye soar removed easily. And so we pride ourselves in being a go to source for buying and removing junk cars in the beautiful State of Georgia.

Junk Car Guys w/o Titles

We make selling your junk car very easy with or without the title with a quote over the phone with a brief  description of your car we can get a tow truck out to the location the same day and pay cash for the quoted value call 404-399-3474 now.

Meet the Team

The Junk Car Guys w/o Titles are the #1 junk car buyers in Georgia

Melvin Mann

Founder & CEO

Focused on mastering the art of buying and removing junk cars for the public and properly disposing of junk cars.

Junk Car Guys w/o Titles

Laura Teagan

Vice President

Dedicated to serving the public and making sure all junk car customers get their cars removed

Junk Car Guys w/o Titles

Timothy Barrett


Determined on being #1 and leader in the industry of buying junk cars and being a team player and basically getting the job done right

Junk Car Guys w/o Titles 404-399 3474

Reach out to the Junk Car Guys w/o Titles 7 days a week 9am to 9pm